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    Lamp Customization

    LED+PCB customized

    Caya lighting has a comprehensive product range adapted to your needs. You have a specific project, an idea, a desire? We can for sure answer it !

    • Civil projects
    • Electrical projects
    • School projects
    • Hospitality planning
    • Square and port projects

    Three advantage of our customized services

    • Fast delivery

    • Stable quality

    • One stand service from design to product

    Two tips cannot be ignore when customized

    A lots o f hotel and light project use customized products ,because the style apply with customer’s request , there are 2 tips about customization.

    • Lighting source choose

      In order to show the design and quality and interior design, it is very important to choose led lighting source RA>80.

    • Analysis of Lighting Engineering Project

      Lighting is a decoration for lighting projects , do not choose very simple and too bright product.

    • Engineering lighting customization needs to select quality manufacturers

      Select Lamp Shape And Good Heat Sink

      Before lighting customization, we need to select good lamp shape and good heat sink , because it will affect lighting effect and lighting lifespan. Heat radiation speed will affect LED lifespan, if the brightness is too low, illumination effect is not good too.

      Check Lighting Power Supply

      When we make lighting customization, we also need to check lighting power supply quality ,If the power supply is good , the lighting power efficiency will higher than 0.9 and lighting lifespan will be longer than bad one .If bad power supply , the lighting brightness will be affect. Some will default very quickly.

      LED brands

      Some brand LED quality is very good, so when we make customization, we can’t choose those very cheaper one. Some brands is good such as Phillips, Cree.

    Our ODM manufacturing and design capabilities can provide you with an extension of your brand operation, from pre-develo

    Please submit your drawings, concepts, and requirements.

    Communicate with client request and matters need attention.

    Clients confirm.

    Give design solution.

    Clients confirm again.

    Hardware produce.

    Surface dealing.

    New product production.

    Invite clients to factory for check.


    After-sale services.